Sunday, May 28, 2006


I have wanted to write about something that I have been thinking, reading and discussing for weeks now. That is reservations. Initially, when I read about the government’s decision, I was shocked. How can they blatantly kill democracy like this? I shouldn’t have been surprised; movies, valentine’s day, books etc are banned in India. Right now, reservations do not affect me. I’ll have a job (hopefully) by the time the law is framed. But what about later? When I want to switch jobs? I cannot pretend that it is not going to affect everyone; no matter what stage in life they are at. What about my brother? He is preparing for IIT? How will I feel if he cannot make it because of reservations for less meritous students?

I wish I could protest. But I am stuck in Chennai and too busy working on my summer project. I have not even heard of any protests out here. Come to think of it, South does seem to be cut off from the rest of India. It is like I am on another planet. People worship actors out here, men and women sit away from each other like they have AIDS or something (AIDS chune se nahi felta), worst is wherever I go I seem to be the only girl in jeans. I feel like an alien.

Coming back to the topic… I can vote, but I have voted only once. I have never stayed at home but that is just an excuse. If I wanted to exercise my Adult Franchise I would have done it. Why should the ruling party consider my interest? I know they are supposed to… in an ideal world. But we know what politics is like. The vote bank is SC/ST and OBCs. Why should the govt worry about the general junta? So, let us exercise our rights from now onwards.

But that still does not solve our problem. I think the protests are justified. We are just demanding a committee which will look into the success or failure of reservations. How difficult is that? Arjun Singh’s interview with Karan Thappar was pathetic. Doesn’t he think that we are at least worthy of the rationale behind the decision? All he had to do was prepare for the interview, give proper justifications and prevent himself from looking like an ass. Is he really that dumb and stupid?

A lot of my traitor-friends running away to the USA have used reservations as an excuse for deserting India. All I can say is, I would never leave this country. At least here I have a voice and can protest. Would I be able to do that in the USA? I would be a nameless face. No party would support my interests.

I have not signed any petitions or forwarded any sms because I don’t think they will help. But yes, if I get the opportunity I will attend a rally and even go on a hunger strike.