Monday, May 08, 2006

This is one of my favourite poems. I had written in 10th Std when everyone was busy preparing for exams. It is amazing how people forget to smile and to live while studying. Thank god, I am not like that. Maybe thats why my grades are so low... but, who the hell cares!!!

The 20th Century

Life is so funny,

It makes all dizzy.

No-one here has time to stand and stare,

Cheerful company is rare.

With their heads buried in books,

People resemble suckers with hooks.

They have lost count of days,

As Mother Hen loses count of the eggs she lays.

The weather out is so fine,

Yet under the roof they dine.

“Where has science brought us?” I sometimes wonder,

But just in time see its outstretched hands yonder.